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Distribution Reinvented

y%wire is a new breed of distribution platform that combines 'Social News' and 'Keyword Targeting' to increase social media visibility and engagement.

We have developed unique tools such as the yolotag - % - to share content and comments across multiple social media and news platforms in real time.

What is a yolotag?

A percent symbol - % - is used to index keywords or topics on yolowire. Our platform then converts yolotags, Cashtags and Mentions during distribution of content and comments to the tags used by various Socials.

How does the yolotag work?

There are 2 ways to use a yolotag:

1) Tag a single keyword - %yolowire

2) Tag up to 4 keywords to create a topic - %CryptoCurrencyBlockchainNews

Other Tags

1) Tag a stock symbol - $TSLA

2) Tag a user or handle - @y%wire