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The %Cardano (CRYPTO: $ADA ) %Cryptocurrency network is expected to undergo the highly anticipated %Voltaire upgrade later in June.

The upgrade will make Cardano a wholly decentralized %Blockchain ecosystem, according to recent social media posts by ADA founder Charles Hoskinson.

Specifically, Cardano’s underlying blockchain network will complete a hard fork that will make it more decentralized moving forward.

Once the upgrade is complete, Cardano’s blockchain will no longer be actively managed by development firm IOHK but will instead be run by community members.

“We'll have the most advanced blockchain governance system, annual budgets, a treasury, and the wisdom of our entire community to guide us,” wrote Hoskinson on X, formerly Twitter.

Going forward, holders of the ADA token will be able to vote on topics and features that benefit Cardano in a more democratic process, added Hoskinson.

The price of the ADA digital token has risen 57% over the last 12 months to trade at $0.43 U.S.

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