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The surprise ouster of Sam Altman has the GenAI and LML fields in complete disarray. And this firm is looking to strategically capitalize on market demand to meet the growing need for A.I. %MetatronApps (OTC: MRNJ) announced in a press release today that continues to offer unparalleled access to advanced %AI technologies.

As OpenAI has temporarily paused new signups to ChatGPT, Metatron’s applications, which leverage OpenAI's licensed technology, are freely available to the public, presenting a compelling and accessible alternative during the ChatGPTplus hiatus.

Metatron has been a dominant force in the mobile app development sector with over 1,000 applications that have achieved significant sales and downloads. Their experience in app development sets a solid foundation for integrating advanced AI technologies. Shares of Metatron Apps (OTC: $MRNJ ) were trading at $0.0001 in morning trade.

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