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%MetaPlatforms (Nasdaq: META) has announced that it is automatically encrypting all messages on its social media platforms that include %Facebook and %Instagram.

Going forward, messages and calls on Meta’s social media sites will be protected by end-to-end-encryption, meaning they can only be read or listened to by the sender and recipient.

Previously, it was possible for people to opt in to encrypted messages. But now, Meta says encryption will become automatic and the default position on Facebook and other platforms.

The move to encrypt messages comes as Meta Platforms has been hit by a class action lawsuit from 41 U.S. states that claim the company’s social media sites intentionally addict children.

Meta is also facing lawsuits and criticism over charges that sexual predators target children and teens through the company’s social media platforms.

Meta has denied the charges and said it will fight them vigorously in court.

However, some critics say the move to default encryption will make the situation with child sex predators worse and end up protecting criminals whose messages can no longer be seen by others, including law enforcement agencies.

Meta Platforms ($META ) stock has increased 162% this year to trade at $326.59 U.S. per share.

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