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%Nvidia (NASDAQ: $NVDA ) recently astonished Wall Street by shattering expectations with standout Q4 financials, underscoring the explosive growth of %AI. Revenue soared a whopping 265% year-over-year to $22.1 billion versus estimates of $20.6 billion. Meanwhile net income skyrocketed an unprecedented 769% to $12.3 billion, powered by the rapid adoption of NVDA’s flagship Hopper chips to fuel surging demand for AI capabilities.

According to NVDA CEO Jensen Huang, "Fundamentally, the conditions are excellent for continued growth in 2025 and beyond". Huang pointed out generative AI models and a widespread industry migration to dedicated AI accelerators as key drivers sustaining momentum. With Nvidia's data center sales comprising servers for intensive AI training now topping $18.4 billion last quarter alone - representing a 400% annual increase - the company sees blue skies ahead as AI permeates more industries. "The demand for GPUs will remain high thanks to trends in generative AI and the acceleration of computing," Huang emphasized to analysts, doubling down on the bullish outlook.

With leading AI plays like NVDA posting such tremendous growth trajectories fueled by an insatiable multi-sector market appetite for next-generation AI capabilities, the spotlight on AI innovators intensifies. While names like chipset giant’s grab headlines, specialized players such as Impact Analytics are piquing investor interest for their niche yet essential technologies transforming spaces ripe for disruption with AI.

Currently valued at $26 million market capitalization, Impact develops focused solutions positioned to drive outsized returns by elevating financial risk modeling - an urgent domain needing modernization and predictive intelligence. For investors seeking diversified exposure beyond AI headline grabbers, this under-the-radar small-cap pioneer warrants a look before being caught by potentially powerful secular tailwinds.

Driving Financial Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

%ImpactAnalytics (CSE: $PACT ) is an Alberta fintech pioneer leveraging focused AI innovations to transform legacy financial risk systems. Core is a %RiskIntelligenceEngine bettering credit model governance through enhanced data insights.

Impact recently introduced two new offerings building on this foundation – %LanaCash for accelerated risk profiles, and %Credissential to streamline credit management. To advance these products, Impact launched its Pulse Program fostering partnerships with financial institutions and fintechs. By establishing pilot deployments, Pulse enables real-world testing and input to refine functionality for partners' use cases before cementing commercial relationships governing ongoing enhancement efforts.

Impact views these collaborative alignments as indispensable for sustaining innovation momentum in modernizing essential infrastructure at scale. As adoption of context-aware AI in this domain accelerates, PACT spotlights the power of focused disruption – strategically forging win-win relationships with partners to drive impact.

As for Impact as an investment, leadership has announced it will list its shares under the ticker PACT on Upstream starting Feb. 22nd, 2024. Upstream is an app-based global securities trading platform, enabling streamlined access for digital-first investors worldwide to trade Impact stock. By making the dual listing, including enabling global shareholders ability to seamlessly transfer their shares via the Upstream app, Impact seeks to expand its reach to modern retail investors.

“We are thrilled to dual list on Upstream’s next generation marketplace,” says Eric Entz, Impact Analytics CEO. “We are adding new value to our shareholders while expanding our company and mission to a modern, global investor-base.”

Concentrating on a high-value niche modernizing essential infrastructure for financial institutions, Impact Analytics is establishing itself as a focused player leading the integration of AI to elevate risk modeling strategies and credit governance.

About Impact Analytics Inc.

Impact Analytics Inc. (CSE: PACT), an intelligent risk assessment platform company, operates as a financial services company focusing on building an AI-powered risk assessment engine to govern and optimize organizational decision making. Its risk assessment model is designed to reimagine traditional finance in a meaningful way. The company was formerly known as Axiom Capital Advisors Inc. and changed its name to Impact Analytics Inc. in October 2023. The company was incorporated in 2020 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.


NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) provides graphics, and compute and networking solutions in the United States, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and internationally. The Compute & Networking segment comprises Data Center computing platforms and end-to-end networking platforms, including Quantum for InfiniBand and Spectrum for Ethernet; NVIDIA DRIVE automated-driving platform and automotive development agreements; Jetson robotics and other embedded platforms; NVIDIA AI Enterprise and other software; and DGX Cloud software and services. The company's products are used in gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive markets.

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