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This company just announced the signing of an agreement to acquire a firm with technology that can extract up to 99.2 percent of certain %Radioactive substances from water.

%BlueWaterPetroleum ($BWPC ), announced in its press release the signing of a definitive acquisition agreement to acquire %ArtAquaTechnologies, a proven environmental technology provider. With offices in Ireland, Germany and the United States, the acquisition will increase the company’s scope in the global wastewater treatment sector. The company will be acquired for $2,500,000 of BWPC’s Common A stock.

ArtAqua membrane technology not only eliminates and removes solids and chemicals but also allows for the recapture of gold and other precious metals and minerals. The firm’s technologies allow contaminated fossil water, artesian waters and sea water to be purified with a very low energy inputs and at up to 60 percent less cost than most reverse osmosis technologies.

Shares were trading at $2.50 in afternoon trade.

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