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%Bitcoin (CRYPTO: $BTC ) is volatile—and now investors in the Nordics have an investment vehicle to capitalize on that volatility as shares of the first short spot Bitcoin ETP in the Nordics was launched. The ETP provides a novel way for investors to profit from or hedge against Bitcoin's price movements.

%DeFiTechnologies (OTC: $DEFTF ), a financial technology company that pioneers the convergence of traditional capital markets with the world of decentralized finance, announced in a press release today that its subsidiary Valour Inc., a leading issuer of exchange-traded products launched the region's first Short Spot Bitcoin ETP. ETPs, like their ETF counterparts in the U.S., provide simplified access to assets, both digital and traditional.

DeFi is breaking new ground in the Nordic financial markets with the ETP, which is now trading on the Nordic Growth Market. Features include inverse tracking of Bitcoin's price and offering experienced investors strategic opportunities for portfolio management. pasting. Shares were trading up in late morning trade.

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